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charlie tupitza

Charlie participates regularly in working groups regarding supply-chain cyber security and sustainability and other related topics such as utilization of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Risk Management Framework and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to protect information. As the lead consultant to Americas Small Business Development Center’s he established its North Star CMM direction, and Secure Towns program to message to small businesses.

Charlie communicates regularly with the FTC, NIST, GSA, DHS, DoD, SBA and associations representing large groups of small and mid-size companies.  He is an Active member of the Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Forum, the Software and Supply Chain Assurance Forum, and InfraGuard. Charlie was a charter member of the Presidential Policy Directive working group (PPD-21) to determine needs of the US government procurement community in support of cyber security.

Registered Lobbyist to the Federal Government

Recently, Contractor as Lead Cybersecurity and Data Protection Consultant to the CEO of America’s SBDC. Successfully lobbied Congress and Senate for funding. Established Congressionally recognized cybersecurity brand and direction for 4,000 businesses advisors in 1,000 locations and their sponsorship program.

Former Head of Cyber Resilience in the US, UK-based AXELOS IP owner of ITIL. Managed business partners and government relations. 

Director of Federal Sales, NTMI. Won video surveillance contract for US land-based points of entry, managed Northrop as a sub-contractor. Managed CMMI review of the sales team.

Director of Federal Sales, Popkin Software. Sold Enterprise Service Management software to DHS as it was formed, US Army, and Bureau of Prisons.

Federal Sales Manager, Digital Sandbox. Won enterprise sale with the DHS to automate and track Buffer Zone Protection Plans used for critical infrastructure sectors.

DoD Sales Director, Saba. Sold Enterprise e-learning solution to the US Army, Bureau of Prisons, Navy, and FBI.

Director of the Federal Sales Team, PSDI/ Won contracts for the Space Shuttle and Space Station maintenance and supply-chain logistics, also surrounding Kennedy Space Station, Cape Canaveral, and Patrick Airforce Base. Pentagon, Ronald Regan Building, NRO HQ, CIA HQ, Veterans Administration, Department of Interior and Army Corps dams and levees, all FAA ground-based equipment. Member of Mergers and Acquisition Committee.

Solutions Manager, $400m CAD2 IDIQ contract, Cordant. Established and managed relationships with AutoDesk, ESRI, 3Com, CISCO, Sun, Oracle, PSDI. Wrote the Statement of Work for five-million-dollar CAD and GIS contract at the GSA’s Public Building Service.

Owner, Tupitza and Associates. Clients were Livermore and Sandia Labs, Combustion, Laser Fusion, Magnetic Fusion, Nuclear Explosives, Facilities, Nuclear Medicine. EGG, FMC Bradley Fighting Vehicle, GTE Government Systems Satellite designs, Raychem F15-wiring, and a parametric tool for Space Shuttle O Ring fix at NASA, supported Varian Health Care Systems, San Francisco’s emergency mapping center for the 1989 earthquake.

  • Actively participating in the Software and Supply Chain Forum (DHS, DoD, NIST, GSA) for over ten years.
  • Former member of the NIST NICE workforce management working group.
  • Current member of the Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Forum for eight years with thirty-five different organizations representing different critical infrastructure business sectors.
  • Charter member of Presidential Policy Directive 21 working group to provide federal contracting officers with language supporting cybersecurity and working group to establish a common lexicon for cyber.
  • Former member of DoD Collaboration, MRO, Environmental Standards working groups
  • Authored “Cyber Liability & Data Breach Insurance: Protecting Small Businesses and Our Nation” for the DoD Undersecretary of Procurement office published by the National Defense Industrial Assn.
  • Charter member of SCORM eLearning working group at the DoD Advanced Distance Learning Lab.
  • An original member of OASIS CAMP Platform as a Service Technical Committee.
  • Registered Lobbyist to federal government.
  • Founded Walnut Creek Master Swim Team, most successful adult swim team in the World.
  • Former US Masters Swimming Coaches and National Championship committee member.
  • First person to escape from Alcatraz swimming butterfly without a wetsuit, extremely competitive.
Infragard FBI

InfraGard Member Partnership between the FBI and the private sector. Providing a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government expediting timely exchange of information while promoting mutual learning opportunities. Members include vetted business executives, military and government officials, academia and state and local law enforcement dedicated to contributing industry specific insight and advancing national security.