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Protection of our National Critical Functions

How do you see your role in protecting our National Critical Functions? defined here

If you are a product or service provider, do you have empirical evidence of reduction of cost and level of effort? 

It is time to refocus our efforts to protect our Nation’s Critical Functions.

It is time to identify ways small businesses can be supported, so they can continue to focus on ingenuity that comes from them.  It is time to help all businesses secure their critical information and the National Critical Functions they support.

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Active Participant Software and Supply Chain Assurance Forum, hosted by DHS, GSA, DoD, and NIST
Member Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Forum
Former Lead Cybersecurity and Data Protection for CEO of Americas Small Business Development Centers
Charter Member Presidential Policy Directive 21 Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Task Force
Original US Head of Cyber Resilience for AXELOS (ITIL)

infraguardInfraGard Member. Partnership between the FBI and the private sector. Providing a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government, expediting timely exchange of information while promoting mutual learning opportunities. Members include vetted business executives, military and government officials, academia and state and local law enforcement dedicated to contributing industry specific insight and advancing national security.