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Supporting you to reach a large audience with your offerings of cyber and data protection products and services to the small and mid-sized market.

It is time to help others take advantage of my recent success of establishing a direction for small businesses based on a standard to protect critical information within and beyond the Defense Industrial Base.

UPDATE Thursday Sept 23/ 11:45   The Honorable Jen Easterly Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at the DHS states today in a Senate hearing that Multifactor Authentication should be on the top of the list for businesses to implement.

Recent Success: Established North Star CMM for America’s Small Business Development Centers 4,000 business advisors in nearly 1,000 locations as a direction for all small businesses by utilizing the Department of Defenses standard to protect critical information and making it useful outside the Defense Industrial Base.  Congressional Representatives from both parties to used the term CMM in congressional hearings validating the approach.

Former US Head of Cyber Resilience for AXELOS the intelectual property owner of ITIL.

Active member of the Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Forum, the Software and Supply Chain Assurance Forum, and InfraGuard.

Cybersecurity and data protection are now national security issues impacting all U.S. businesses, no matter the size. China and other nation-states, as well as organized and disorganized criminals, are stealing intellectual capital, personal and business information, and creating havoc in business environments. No one is immune, and approximately 60% of small businesses that are hacked never recover. It is time to take this seriously and protect everything valuable to us and our nation. We are at war, act like it.

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Cyber and Data Breach Liability Insurance: Protecting Small Businesses and Our Nation

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White Paper on the Value of Cyber and Data Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

This document is for small and mid-sized businesses who are considering acquiring “cyber and data breach liability insurance” to protect themselves against the increasing velocity and complexity of cyber and data breach attacks.

It is also for larger businesses and governments to help them understand the value of the insurance for their contractors and extended supply chain members.

Some may wish to require subcontractors and suppliers to have proper Insurance in place, as a stipulation to providing goods or services to them. The paper is in the CMMC section.

This white paper is a living document.
We are looking for germane contributions associated with the following topics contained in the body of work. 

See this white paper, written for the purpose of guiding small businesses. An updated version will be available soon.

Cyber liability and Data Breach Consulting

infraguardInfraGard Member. Partnership between the FBI and the private sector. Providing a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government expediting timely exchange of information while promoting mutual learning opportunities. Members include vetted business executives, military and government officials, academia and state and local law enforcement dedicated to contributing industry specific insight and advancing national security.

Former Lead Cyber and Data Protection consultant to AmericasSBDC CEO.