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Cybersecurity and data protection are now national security issues impacting all U.S. businesses, no matter the size. China and other nation-states, as well as organized and disorganized criminals, are stealing intellectual capital, personal and business information, and creating havoc in business environments. No one is immune, and approximately 60% of small businesses that are hacked never recover. It is time to take this seriously and protect everything valuable to us and our nation. We are at war, act like it.

RightExposure provides professional consultation to both the public and private sector, big and small businesses. to provide supporting language for federal contracting officers in support of cyber protection, DoD Maintenance Repair, and Operations working group, Collaboration working group, and GIS working group,  NIST NICE working group, Sofware and Supply Chain Forum (DHS, GSA, DoD, NIST) and others.  He is a registered lobbyist. 

Organizations like America’s Small Business Development Centers depend on mature guidance to help promote the protection of small businesses in the United States and our Territories. Private industry depends on us to help them navigate federal and state governments so their value is heard.

charlie tupitzaExamples of success from Charlie Tupitza’s leadership. The formation of the America’s SBDC North Star CMM program and strategy to take advantage of the DoD’s CMMC.  Sale of software to track maintenance repair and operation logistics for the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and NASA facilities in support of these missions.  The Pentagon renovation project. Ronald Regan Building, all major dams and levees in the US for the Department of Interior and Army Corps of Engineers,  all ground-based equipment for the FAA, and calibration equipment for the National Institute of Standards. Enterprise Architecture software for the US Army and Department of Homeland Security, Former charter member of the Presidential Directive PPD-21 Cyber working group

We are very excited to support small businesses in the United States and our territories witnessed by the adoption of our work  embodied in North Star CMM by America’s SBDC association,

North Star CMM provides a clear direction to follow, a North Star. North Star CMM utilizes the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). The model provides awareness of our responsibility and duty to protect critical confidential information to protect our business eco-systems and our great nation

Cyber and Data Breach Liability Insurance: Protecting Small Businesses and Our Nation


White Paper on the Value of Cyber and Data Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

This document is for small and mid-sized businesses who are considering acquiring “cyber and data breach liability insurance” to protect themselves against the increasing velocity and complexity of cyber and data breach attacks.

There is a appendix for the CMMC

It is also for larger businesses and governments to help them understand the value of the insurance for their contractors and extended supply chain members.

Some may wish to require subcontractors and suppliers to have proper Insurance in place, as a stipulation to providing goods or services to them. The paper is in the CMMC section.

Please provide feedback associated with this living document!

This white paper is a living document.
We are looking for germane contributions associated with the following topics contained in the body of work. 

RightExposure does not sell insurance. 

See this white paper, written for the purpose of guiding small businesses. An updated version will be available soon.

  • What is Cyber and Data Breach Liability Insurance
  • What to Look for in an Offering
  • Suggested Requirements
  • Examples of Underwriting Questions
  • Sample Requirements for Contracts
  • Value to the Cybersecurity Model Certification (CMMC)

We would also like to hear of new topics associated with insurance.

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