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Risk Management Events

Journey to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) 2.0 In-Person Working Sessions

February 22-23 2023
National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)
9700 Great Seneca Highway
Rockville, Maryland

If you plan to attend the NIST CSF 2.0 Working Sessions, I’d like to meet with you in person to discuss ways we/you can utilize the CSF and other NIST Special Publications, to help Small Businesses who have roles supporting our National Critical Functions. Please contact me in advance at resilience @ rightexposure.com. I will be representing the National Cybersecurity Center and Space ISAC. If you don’t plan to attend but are interested, please reach out to me too.

I have a passionate interest in discussions about:

  • How Product and Service Providers are mapping the value of your offerings directly to controls associated with risk and governance protecting critical information that needs to remain private. #CSF, #800-171, #800-53 #CIS
  • How your role as a Managed Service Provider can take a significant level of burden off businesses in terms of cost and level of effort while moving them and their extended business ecosystem to a more secure position rapidly.
  • Are you taking advantage of the NIST OSCAL?
  • How are you addressing the possibility/fact that you are in scope with your clients.

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Past Events:

NIST CSF 2.0 Workshop #2

February 15, 2023

I made this point: Small Businesses, in general, do not have the resources to support their efforts. I’d argue we shouldn’t assume larger ones do and will benefit from the conversation below.

Software and Supply Chain Assurance Forum

Hosted by the NIST, DoD, DHS, GSA

January 24-25 2023

Great conversations with the hosts, ODNI, and the private sector about protecting our nation’s supply chains.

Info Here

In-Space Servicing and Manufacturing Session

Hosted by the Space ISAC and National Cybersecurity Center

Charlie Tupitza addresses the Space ISAC

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Colorado Springs, CO

Panel Overview:

In-space servicing and manufacturing capabilities have been envisioned for years and are today becoming a reality. These capabilities offer promise in extending mission value and enabling new opportunities in space, yet bring risks and novel questions that must be explored. In this session, we will discuss the factors that organizations and the industry writ large need to consider as we carry the space economy into the next stage of dynamic asset and environment utilization via servicing.


  • Chris Stott, Mansat
  • Matthew Obenchain, Aerospace Corporation
  • Charlie Tupitza,
  • Lars Hoffman, VP, National Security Sales, Blue Origin
  • Gordon Wu, Systems Engineer, L3Harris

Moderator: Carolyn Belle, Astroscale U.S. Panel Structure:

The Space ISAC serves to facilitate collaboration across the global space industry to enhance our ability to prepare for and respond to vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats; to disseminate timely and actionable information among member entities; and to serve as the primary communications channel for the sector with respect to this information.

Space ISAC is the only all-threats security information source for the public and private space sector. It will be the most comprehensive, single point source for data, facts and analysis on space security and threats to space assets. Space ISAC will also provide analysis and resources to support response, mitigation and resilience initiatives.Hosted

Cyber and Data Breach Liability Insurance: Protecting Small Businesses and Our Nation