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Products and Services for Small Businesses

RightExposure is leading a project involving over one million small businesses in the United States to protect them and their external stakeholders including insurers, financiers, supply chain partners, and large organizations including government.

The current focus is on federal contractors (civilian and DoD), food service industry, legal professionals, and health care professionals and real estate professionals as part of a program supported by large associations, and the Small Business Administration.

We are looking for products and services which help enable Business Risk Management. Cyber security and data breach management is a critical part of this holistic approach.  Examples are software and hardware products, education, and specific professional services. We are also looking for good practices which are easy to understand. 

We like the format and guidance the FTC has provided for small businesses.

small business risk management

Products and services must have a reference to how they support standards and frameworks such as the Cybersecurity Framework, 800-171, 800-53, HIPA or other business standards and frameworks.  They must be affordable, easy to understand, and implement, effective, and be able to support companies with a small number of employees.

Our studies found several product and service offerings priced for large organizations while leaving a great deal of money on the table in the small business community. This effort does not directly support all 28 million plus small businesses in the US but a couple million is a good number.

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