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ASBDC Cybersecurity First Steps

Welcome to Cybersecurity First Steps

First Steps is a questionnaire to help you understand how to protect what is important to you from cyber and data breach threats.

It’s OK if you don’t know all the answers. The information is only accessible to you. You may give permission for others to see if for help.  Don’t worry if you don’t know some of the answers.  Advise will be given to help you answer questions and a report will help you understand what you can do to protect what is important.

How to Access the Questionnaire

Registering an Account:  It is important to keep information about your company secure.  Cybersecurity First Steps utilizes a platform that is located on a FedRAMP certified cloud to protect all your information. details

We will ask you to use three factor authentication to log into First Steps to protect your information.

cybersecurity first steps registration

Logging In

Enter the Username, Entity name and Password, a popup window will appear asking you to enter in a new one-time-code that you have in email if you selected email-based codes or in the mobile authentication application you selected.

Select Cybersecurity First Steps and you are in.

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