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We are the greatest vulnerability in any organization. In this era of persistent cyber threats, an organization can be secure only with the active participation of everyone. Unfortunately, many organizations limit security responsibilities to designated security personnel that perform specialized security functions. Effective security must be enterprise-wide, involving everyone in fulfilling security responsibilities. Each member of the group, from the newest employee to the chief executive, holds the power to harm or to help, to weaken or strengthen the organizations security posture.

From Cybersecurity is Everyones Job Tweet

Benefits Cybersecurity is Job Job

Helps you to know what you need to do, based on your role.
Engages all functions and roles—technical and non-technical—in securing critical information and systems.
Provides essential, must-do-first guidance in plain language.
Turns the organization’s greatest vulnerability—its people—into the organization’s greatest asset.

The National Institute of Standards (NICE), National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), Workforce Management Subgroup, released this document at the NICE annual meeting in Miami Florida  November 2018